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The following video shows steam wash operators in South Korea using the Optima Steamer to wash vehicles.



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OPTIMA Series Steam Car Wash - Optima Steamer (English) moviefile

Wash a car with only 1 gallon of water and produce zero waste-water.

Steam Car Wash Optima Steamer applied to Tunnel Wash moviefile

In this video the Optima Steamer is being used in cooperation with a tunnel wash system.

OPTIMA Series Optima Steamer Golf Cart Cleaning moviefile

Simple and easy way to clean golf carts with a little water.

OPTIMA Series Optima Steamer, New Power Hose, Demo moviefile

The "Power Hose" is now available for Optima models DM, DMF & DS. The Power Hose provides 70% more steam flow, allowing an operator to cover more service area in a shorter amount of time. The...

OPTIMA Series Optima Steamer / Car handle Cleaning and Sanitizing by Optima Steamer moviefile

Steam Car Wash Demonstration of mop wand/extendable pole for Optima Steamer moviefile

OPTIMA Series Cleaning car floor-mat with new Hand Tool file

OPTIMA Series New accessory field testing: Mop Wand(pole) file

OPTIMA Series New Squeegee Wand(pole) accessory file

OPTIMA Series Detail Your Car - With Steam! - Jay Leno's Garage . moviefile

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