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Features Unique to the Optima Steamers
Advanced Structure
Optima셲 advanced mechanical and electrical structures make maintenance and repair easy. The Optima was developed by experienced engineers of the industry who have worked with industrial pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, and other industrial cleaning equipments of top brand names in the past. Their own know-how and expertise are reflected on the Optima. A good machine "makes sense" for easy maintenance and durability.
Unbeatable Steam Power
Optima's large capacity boiler provides continuous steam as long as water and heating power sources (diesel or electricity) are supplied.
"Cool" Double-layer Boiler
The Optima Steamer uses the most heat-efficient and safest steam boiler. Our boiler keeps heat inside and maintains steam at a constant temperature and humidity. The boiler셲 unique design maintains the machine cool even during operation. Also, the moisture control valve lets you choose the right moisture content of steam.
Appealing Design
The Optima Steamer is less industrial-looking and visually more appealing to anyone. Different color choices are available: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.
Multi-stage Safety Features
The Optima Steamer was designed with user and machine's safety in mind. Our safety features includes thermostat and pressure switches, fluid level sensors, check valves, pressure release valve, and much more.
Excellent Customer Service
We provide lifetime technical support to all buyers who can provide a serial number and the purchase date. Our technical support team is available 6 days a week via email or phone. We guarantee the quality of our products. Our distributors are trained to offer customer service to our end users.
Reliable Parts
Each part of the Optima was handpicked by our engineers from the best manufacturers around the world. We use the best parts for optimal performance of the machine, not the cheapest.
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