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SJE Corporation Service Request - Steam pressure washer
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  • ※ Items that should be checked
  • 01. Ensure that both a water tank and a fuel tank are filled with appropriate liquid (check water and diesel inside both tanks)
  • Ensure that water tank is filled with appropriate liquids (Tap or softened water)
  • 02. How many hours per day in average do you operate your machine?
  • ※ Continue to answer the questions below after the POWER switch and the STEAM switch are on.
  • 03. Are you hearing the continuous beeping (alarm) sound?
  • 04. Please indicate the status of each of 4 LED indicator lights on the control panel box as one of "Light on", "Light blinking", or "Light off"
  • Power Source(Green)
    Water Pump Run(White)
    Water Tank(Yellow)
    Fuel Tank(Red)
  • 05. Has the shown pressure gone up rapidly in a short period of time?
  • 06. Is water, not steam, shooting out from the steam gun nozzle when pulling the gun trigger?
  • 07. Do you feel air flow from the exhaust flue?
  • 08. Is the boiler burning in red seen when you see inside from the exhaust flue?
  • 09. Please indicate the color of smoke exiting from the exhaust flue as one of Black, Dark Gray, White, or Blue
  • 10. Is a visible fire still inside the steam vessel (boiler) even after the STEAM switch is off?
  • 11. Is some strange noise being heard from the machine? If so, please describe what part the sound is from.
  • 12. Other symptoms
  • 07. Is there strange sound(noise) existing inside the machine? If so, please indicate its whereabouts.
  • 08. Is there a smell of burning inside the machine? If so, please indicate its whereabouts.
  • 09. Is circuit breaker (No fuse breaker) connected with your machine disconnected when you turn on STEAM switch?
  • 10. Other symptoms
  • Icon  78-21, Sandan 7-ro, Jeonggwan-eup,
  • Gijang-gun, Busan, Rep. of Korea
  • Icon  +82 51-521-3200
  • +1 310-327-8900 (US Office)
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