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SJE Corporation Work Smarter - Industrial steam cleaner
Electric steam pressure washer
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Why Steam?

Work Smarter

  • Simplify Your Business
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  • Are you a mobile wash operator? Then you probably carry – a pressure washer, 100-gal water tank, waste-water tank, wash mat, water reclamation system, air compressor, 2000-watt generator, two dozens chemical bottles, piles of rags, among a few other items.
  • Using steam will downsize your overhead BIG time. The Optima Steamer uses a fraction of water and chemical, generating zero waste-water run-off. This means no need to fill up an oversized water tank every morning, no prep work to contain water and no clean-up, eliminating the need to carry a heavy reserve water tank and waste-water tank.
  • Heat of the steam breaks up most of soil, grease and grime which will reduce the chemical consumption by up to 90%. The gentle pressure of steam works as an air compressor with a natural sanitizer built-in-one, no longer requiring an air compressor.
  • With the Optima Steamer, you no longer need to lug multiple equipment and chemical bottles and heavy water tanks in limited space of your vehicle.

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  • Icon  Avoid Bureaucratic Headaches
  • The Optima Steamer’s efficiency makes it so much more than a car wash, but a revolutionary economical tool. With the Optima Steamer you can avoid the hassles of obtaining a car wash permit, allowing you to run your mobile operation with a simple business license. This means that most municipal requirements can be circumvented because the Optima Steamer provides a safe, eco-friendly, total washing system.
  • In addition, your business will be exempt from hefty fines or shut-down notices due to improper chemical or waste-water disposal (Learn more about Clean Water Act).
  • The Optima’s environmentally and bureaucratically-sound design allows its owners to bid on and win many more contracts in cleaning and sanitation that would otherwise be completely inaccessible (parking structures, airports, gated communities/ business parks with no waste-water tolerance policy to name a few)!
  • Save your energy and time running away from citations, and start focusing on growing your business with the Optima Steamer.
  • Avoid Bureaucratic Headaches

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  • Reduce Health Risks
  • Icon  Reduce Health Risks
  • The gentle, pure dry vapor steam penetrates the toughest and most delicate surfaces without the use of chemicals. A chemical-free, purified cleaning process will allow you to avoid the health risks of inhaling chemical fumes as well as the time-consuming task of cleaning up chemical waste. And on top of all this, stay dry while you wash and detail!
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  • Gijang-gun, Busan, Rep. of Korea
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  • +1 310-327-8900 (US Office)
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